Inglot Freedom System 10 Eyeshadow Palette

This was on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally got one of these on my last trip to Chicago! I read so many reviews and watch the vast videos of makeup gurus on youtube on Inglot.

Not gonna lie, I’ve always been a Mac girl: Mac foundation, only Mac powder, Mac eyeshadows…I think you get the point. Mac was the only cosmetic brand I would only use, and thought it was the best makeup…ever. Not bashing Mac, I still adore them (excluding their recent holiday collection..died over the packaging, not so happy with what’s inside them), I still have their brushes from when I was in 8th grade that are still my go to brushes (217, 263 & 239 holla)! For quite some time, with the help of the makeup tag on tumblr and makeup gurus on YT, I’ve found some amazing not so widely known brands and products. This is one of them. 

First Row: 116R, 353, 30, 501, 349

Second Row: 342, 360, 339, 444, 376

The pigmentation is CRAZY amazing. When I first swapped it at Inglot, I was honestly shocked. I took my finger and tired 339, and I could feel the density of the eyeshadow. Usually when you try eyeshadow at a store, you run your fingers (no one uses the utensils, don’t lie) a couple of times to get the color to swap on your hand. This was not the case, one swipe and I got most of the product! 

Inglot has a freedom system, where you can pick eyeshadows, blush, etc. to create your own palette (ranges from 2 eyeshadow palette-40). At the store, one of the workers gave me a tray and you could pick what eyeshadows you want. You’d pop them out of the display and put it on the tray! Each eyeshadow was $6, excluding 116R, which was $8. The sleek palette was $16. I know what you’re probably thinking…that was over $70! Mac eyeshadows are $15 for 0.05 oz of product ($12 for just the pan). An Inglot eyeshadow is $6 with 0.08-.11 oz of product. You’re paying half the price for more product. Even if you didn’t get a case, and used a Zpalette (~$20), you’re still paying the same, but this was my first Inglot palette, so I wanted the original case it came in. I will be getting a Zpalette later on so I can get and fit more eyeshadows ^^. 

I definitely recommend their eyeshadows. Great pigmentation, with little fallout and only $6 per shadow, how could you resist?! I can’t wait to try other things from Inglot!


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